Magazine design

A foreign publisher contacted me and asked to create a concept and design for their new magazine. The magazine will be about world issues. It outlines the biggest problems of our time and offers possible solutions. It also outlines a way forward with in-depth research and analysis, tools for citizen participation and stories about real people working for a better world. Today’s world is not ideal – climate change, financial collapse, poverty and war leave many people feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. This magazine hopes to empower people with the vision and the tools to create a healthy planet with vibrant communities.

My job was to come up with a brief visual strategy and concept, name and logo, a grid and layout for the entire magazine, front page / back page, table of contents / colophon, article pages (select 6 of 8 the articles), title, byline, introduction, subheadings, body text, captions, pagination, photography and illustration and create physically dummy paper.

See the hole design here